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we are

We are two passionate 17- and 18-year-old graphics students from Brixen. Our journey into web design began when we discovered our shared interest in this creative field during our time at school. Self-taught and driven by our love for design, we decided to channel our skills and enthusiasm into something meaningful for our community. Today, we're dedicated to helping local shops and businesses in Brixen establish their online presence through unique and engaging websites. Welcome to our story; we're here to bring your vision to life!



we do

At the heart of our journey is a passion for helping local businesses thrive in the digital age. We specialize in crafting visually stunning and user-friendly websites that capture the unique essence of each shop in Brixen. Our goal is simple: to bring your brand to life online and help you connect with your customers in a meaningful way. Whether it's designing a captivating online storefront or optimizing your web presence, we're here to turn your ideas into reality.

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