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4 steps to upgrade your business

To simplify the process from the decision to aquire a website to running, and using its functions we created a 4-step-programm.



first meetup

The first step is very simple.

Simply contact us via. email, or phone and set a date and a time for our first meetup. If possible we prefer to meet in person but when needed we can organize an online meetup via. Zoom.


prepare for first meeting

At our first meetup we go over the text we should include, the elements we should apply and the general style of the website. We prepare for our first meetup by arranging example templates according to your business. Letting you decide the style of the websites and the elements it should contain gives us an idea, of how we should set up your website. The more information you can give us the better. In preparation to our first meetup you can prepare the photos we should use and basically give us all the resources you think could be important to us, more is allways better than less (: 



staying in touch during the process of your website

While we create your website we sometimes run into situations, where we would need your decisions to customize the site. Therefore it's important to us that we stay in close contact during the construction of your website.


final meetup, upload and getting you ready to use the websites functions

As soon as were finished we'll inform you and agree on an appointment for our second meetup. In our final meetup we'll add the finishing touches and cover the topics of getting a domain and finding the best web-host and plan for you. Further topics we will cover are keeping the website up to date throughout the years and using  the sites functions.


after these 4 steps...

your'e website will be online

you will have upgraded your business and simplified your day-to day work routine

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